Artist's Statement

Creating art without limitations. Or creating art without restraints and limitations. An experiential process of discoveries. Opening my inner self ideas into the painting, transitioning to a meditative state.

I felt a unique oneness in the harmony of the surroundings. The landforms and colors talked to me. I felt I was one of the actors in the play at that moment. I started to sketch and paint, as I usually do on my travels. An intimacy of the place for me to experience by painting.

Watercolor and Salt. The interweaving of salt and watercolor provides a symphonic effect within the articulation and contemporary feeling in the painting. Timing of applications of salt and paints together is critical to the process. It is nature participating in my painting, an inspiration. The white spaces are intentionally left by themselves, and not painted. To give the viewer the experience of reflecting oneself in the painting. Also, expressing the movement into the realm of infinity.

My lines of indentations are strongly inspired by perfection which are made of imperfections. The circulation motions are my belief in the infinity sign, are like nature’s way of expression of cycle of life. In parallel, the influence of Federico Fellini, considered father of modern cinema, in his movies, there is always a parade of people walking in circle. Their faces are expressing happy, sad, jolly, lonely, in deep thoughts. Just like intonation in music.

My enthusiasm propels my energy to being in realm of creativity, and joy.

When I mix my watercolors, salt, and other materials directly on the painting and using the brushes and my fingers, it becomes an intimate moment.  I feel like I am a conductor in a symphony of transmigration of effects. An artist must feel his or her artwork during the process.

As I meet other artists and experience masters’ fine art works around the world, sometimes I realize that I may use some of their processes. Just like a road with remnants of culture that disappeared and replaced through time and evolution. It is still the path, but the road has changed overtime from dirt to paved with organized landscape and streetlights. But the path still leads to the same destination.